Thank you for volunteering at the Organic Beer Fest!


Without the army of volunteers it takes to pour the beer we wouldn’t be able to put on a festival. Please keep in mind you are representing the Organic Beer Fest while working; please be courteous to your fellow volunteers and festival goers.

Below are instructions and descriptions that the festival is required to follow and the festivals guidelines, please familiarize yourself with them. Topics covered: ServersRecycling CzarsVolunteer ParkingHarassment

Please remember to show up 1/2 hour before your shift to check in. The volunteer check-in entrance is on the south side of the festival, off of Fremont Street. If you are Serving or Supervising do not get a wristband before your shift.


Due to OLCC regulations we are only allowed to serve beer in our festival cups. We use a 12 ounce compostable tasting cup with the Organic Beer Fest logo and a 3 ounce sample line. We cannot serve in non-marked cups. We can only serve 3 or 12 ounces- this way festival patrons know how much beer they are consuming. There are no 2 or 3 token pours, only 1 token for 4 ounces, or 4 tokens for a full cup.

The Fill Line:
Organic Beeer Fest tasting cups are marked with a green band, the top of this line is a full sample. The OLCC will be on site, and they want to insure samples are only poured to the fill line.

We accept only Organic Beer Fest tokens. They are blue, and have Organic Beer Fest or NAOBF cast into them. Tokens must be used for all beer transactions- volunteers cannot accept cash for beers. All festival staff, media, vendors and performers will have tokens to use. Please insure no one gets a beer without a giving you a token.


No Wristband = No Alcohol:
All attendees will have their IDs checked by Coast to Coast security at the festival entrance. They will get a colored wristband. Do not serve anyone without a wristband.

“My beer ran out/ My beer isn’t pouring right- What do I do?”:
Tell your supervisor, or flag down one of the Keg Assassins. They will get a new keg tapped for you as soon as possible, or investigate the pouring problem. Please don’t adjust CO2 regulators yourself.02-065-2

No Drinking/Sampling Beer before or while Serving:
Volunteers in Oregon, just like bartenders cannot consume alcohol, even for sampling purposes, during their shift, or during the four hours prior to their shift. Anyone who does so is liable for a personal fine from the OLCC of $3000. The festival is also liable for an additional fine.


The Organic Beer Fest is meant to be an enjoyable experience for all participants, volunteers and staff included. If someone is being obnoxious you have no obligation to serve them. Please tell your supervisor about the problem.

Recycling Czars

NAOBF_2011_Event_Recycling_SignsAs a sustainability minded event the Organic Beer Fest is dedicated to recycling and composting as much waste as possible. Our recycling volunteers who make that happen are truly regal, so they are called Czars.
Our tasting cups and all food service ware used by our food vendors is compostable. The cups look like plastic, but are made of Natureworks PLA which is cornstarch based and must go in the compost, not recycling.

With the help of an awesome team of Recycling Czars, Organic Beer Fest was able to achieve a new level of sustainability success at last year’s event. In 2013, we recycled & composted 92% of our total waste, ending up with only 171 lbs of garbage. When we divert over 90%, we can consider ourselves a “zero waste” event.  This was due in large part to our very dedicated Recycling Czars, who made sure that participants properly disposed of their waste. This shows that with the right planning and with everyone doing their part, events don’t have to generate a lot of waste


Volunteer Parking

We provide parking only for bikes, in the interest of sustainability there is no onsite parking for cars. Please use Tri-Met’s Tri-Met Yellow line, bike, roll, or walk. Overlook Park is the third stop on the Yellowline from downtown. Visit Tri-Met’s website to find a Park and Ride. If you must drive parking is your responsibility, please be respectful of the parks neighbors, and allow ample time to find a spot to park on the street. (Kaiser Hospital will tow your car if you park in their lots).


Thank you and…

Don’t forget to show up 1/2 hour before your shift to check in. Please use the volunteer entrance on the south side of the festival. You can avoid the lines and proceed directly to volunteer check-in.

Again, Thank you for volunteering and have a great time at the Organic Beer Fest. Cheers!


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