What is an organic beer? The USDA standards for organic beer are the same as those for organic foods: ingredients must be grown without toxic pesticides or synthetic fertilizers in soil free from chemicals for at least three years, and genetically modified ingredients are not allowed. Organic certification for beer is broken down to three primary levels (based upon the National Organic Program):

  • Organic means the product uses at least 95% organic ingredients, the other 5% includes yeast and clarifying ingredients and is restricted to lists in the National Organic Program:  §205.605 and §205.606 .  

Some breweries take the effort to get certified; others do not. We have categorized each product at this festival according to the organic tier in which they fall. An asterisk next to the producer indicates they are Certified Organic and lists the certifying organization.

Our overall goal is to encourage more breweries to consider brewing organic now and in the future!

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